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As OSHA makes launching and maintaining State plans easier and easier, even more states may choose to take the plunge.

OSHA is welcoming comment and input on this proposed final rule until September 17.

And should you receive an updated sheet, then be sure to read the question, "Can I throw away old or outdated MSDS's?

" for information on what to do with the old sheet. SDS's must be specific to the manufacturer and contain the contact information for the "responsible party".

The information found in the MSDS on-line database is verified, added, and supervised by dedicated processing specialists.

Since 1991, MSDS Solutions has grown database to over 1.5 million MSDSs and developed it to offer maximum flexibility.

According to OSHA, “the purpose of these revisions is to eliminate the unnecessary codification of material” and to “save the time and funds currently expended in publicizing State plan revisions.” It’s important to note that these proposed changes will not impact the purview or power of State OSHA plans, and will not change the responsibilities of individual employees and/or employers.

However, EHS professionals looking for more evidence of the trend toward State OSHA plans can probably find some here.

GHS Software - Create and Manage Compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Labels for the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures.That really depends on how SDS's are handled at your organization.If your employer uses a software program or Internet subscription service for SDS's then maybe not (check with your supervisor, the answer depends on what state and federal agencies have jurisdiction, see also the section on paperless compliance below.).By using our MSDS e Search, you will have direct access to thousands of MSDS originating from manufacturers' documents.Our relationship with manufacturers & suppliers of hazardous products allows us to offer updated MSDS information daily.

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States with State plans will still be required to submit annual copies of their plans to federal OSHA for review.

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