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The event was part of outreach efforts by the police department to build bonds with the community.Na’zheem Williams, 11, proudly tries on one of the officers’ hats.

“A lot of times kids want to know if they get stopped if they have the right to call their parents,” Oliver said. “This is not a bill to teach kids to be subservient to police but to empower children, and ultimately adults, about their rights and their role in interacting with law enforcement,” Oliver said.“As it stands now, we feel that there is an opportunity here to really empower students and educate them about their rights.” Allen-Kyle said the agency will keep close tabs on how the curriculum is developed by a specially appointed committee if the bill is signed into law.Dan Keashen, a spokesman for Camden County Police, who patrol the city of Camden, said the department was reviewing the bill, but that officers already participate in programs to “create positive bonds” with the community.Law enforcement officials and legislators across the country are looking into ways to work with communities to try to stem the tide of bloodshed.Texas recently enacted a measure to require high school students, as part of their driver’s education classes, to learn how to conduct themselves during a traffic stop.

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Officers visit classrooms, hold K-9 demonstrations, and host pop-up barbecues.